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Abbie Hoffman Presente

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ABBIE!In 1982 Abbie Hoffman spoke at my college.  During his talk, I thought, I ought to be working with this guy.  Not long after that he talked about a community organizing internship at Save the River that summer.  I applied.  He wrote me back with an A+ on my application.  As the summer neared, I didn’t hear anything, so as I began to track it down.  I talked to his brother Jack who told me it was not happening.  I was graduating and didn’t have anything else to do, so I packed up my car and drove to the River.  I spent a year there gardening, organizing and earning Abbie’s respect.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of his death, April 12, 1989.   Abbie was born on November 30, 1936.   This November 30th, Abbie’s birthday, marks the 10th Anniversary of the WTO Shut Down in Seattle.  Hope you can join us in the streets.

In Memory of Abbie by Lisa Fithian

In Memory of Abbie by Lisa

Abbie Photo Nicaragua 1

Abbie Hoffman, Lisa Fithian, Johanna Lawrenson, Al Giordano flying back from Nicaragua, Jan. 1985

Steal this Decade by Mark Hertsgaard.  Abbie’s last interview

Tales of Hoffman by Al Giordano

Death of a Radical from People Magazine


Abbie Hoffman Activist Foundation

No Regrets

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