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Tools for Campaign Planning

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Web Analysis is a tool to begin mapping your opponent’s world. Who do they care about? Who are they accountable to? What is the nature of the relationship?

Web Analysis Chart

1. Each Circle represents one of the players in your opponents world.
• Workers
• Management
• Public
• Customers
• Competitors
• Regulatory Agencies
• Governmental Bodies
• Legal Entities
• Divisions
• Media

2. Each Arrow represents a relationship.

What can we bring into this relationship that is new? We need to look for opportunities to INTERUPT or INTERVENE or ADD NEW INFORMATION in that relationship. It might be A “carrot” (positive incentive) or a “stick” (negative incentive).

3. This can also be looked at as a “Web of Restraint.” If your opponent is engaging in negative, illegal or unethical activity informing or making it visible to some of the more important players may help restrain the negative action.

Power Mapping

Tool 2 Power Mapping

Power & Interest Chart

Tool 3 Power and Interest Chart