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Wall Charts for Mass Action Trainings

from Prague 2001 trainings WHAT CAN DIRECT ACTION DO: spotlight delegitimise build a movement educate / inform reform (as a by-product) by: interfering embodying alternatives NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION non-hierarchical structure participatory decision making affinity groups preparation vision choices patterns communication energy inclusiveness diversity WHAT IS USED AGAINST US intimidation fear / pain divide & conquer isolation singling out leaders good cop / bad cop lies & disinformation veneer stacked negotiations RESPONSES TO VIOLENCE prepare stay calm become active: match energy, change energy, change situation, step-in don’t accept victim role keep contact to attacker talk (tone of voice) & listen don’t threaten or insult get help do the unexpected avoid physical contact Jail solidarity Goals: build movement, equal treatment,...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower