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Wall Charts for Mass Action Trainings

from Prague 2001 trainings WHAT CAN DIRECT ACTION DO: spotlight delegitimise build a movement educate / inform reform (as a by-product) by: interfering embodying alternatives NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION non-hierarchical structure participatory decision making affinity groups preparation vision choices patterns communication energy inclusiveness diversity WHAT IS USED AGAINST US intimidation fear / pain divide & conquer isolation singling out leaders good cop / bad cop lies & disinformation veneer stacked negotiations RESPONSES TO VIOLENCE prepare stay calm become active: match energy, change energy, change situation, step-in don’t accept victim role keep contact to attacker talk (tone of voice) & listen don’t threaten or insult get help do the unexpected avoid physical contact Jail solidarity Goals: build movement, equal treatment,...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

Exercises on Power

This exercise helps people deepen their analysis of the society they are living in. You want to lead them through a process that starts by asking people why they are active, what they want, why they came. Solicit this; see if anyone says to build power. If not, after harvesting some reasons from the group, ask if anyone is doing it to build power? I believe that building power is really at the core of our work if we want to manifest all the things people articulated as to why they are active. Next, ask the group who has power in our society. Create a list Money State, Government, elector’s People etc The people have power and potential...

posted on: May 13, 2009 | author: organizingforpower