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Street Tactics Exercise

We’ve been running these exercises as a kind of extended, stop-and-start role play, letting the group practice each tactic, periodically changing the police and the people in front. You can do all or some of them, depending on time. They help the group to learn to function as a group, give some strong, nonviolent alternatives to simply fighting the cops and running, and are fun and useful. A solid line of police with nightsticks of rolled newspaper: A crowd of protestors: “Protestors standing, police advance with batons held in both hands to push crowd back. Note how easy it is to move a standing crowd. “Protestors standing, police advance, crowd sits down. Don’t hit yet: note how much...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

Sample Mobile Street Tactics Training

“You will need to deal with fast-moving, ambiguous, and unstructured situations that will test your resourcefulness to the utmost.” CIA Recruitment Manual I. Preparation and Support: Hi, welcome to Washington DC, it’s September 29, you’re out on the street, and of course this is what you’ve done before you leftŠ. Made sure you have someone looking out for you, your stuff, have a contact at home who can help mobilize support and a prearranged check-in time. Eaten well – water, food in pocket Dressed well, – layers, prep for cold, tear gas and water cannons Jail Names – Place for ID, stuff Maps, scouting Identified your goals for the day, several potential targets, regroup spaces and safe space....

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

The Benefits of Being White Exercise

by Paul Kivel Tell the group that you are going to read a series of statements and that each white people to whom a statement applies should stand up after that statement is read. Tell the group that all the white people are being asked to participate, and people of color are being asked to observe. Those who are physically unable to stand may raise their hand to indicate that they are part of the group standing. Each participant should decide for themselves whether the statement applies to them or not. If they are unwilling to stand for a particular statement that applies to them they may pass for that statement but should notice any feelings they have about...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

The Benefits of Being Male Exercise

by Paul Kivel Please stand up (or if unable to stand, indicate in some way) if: 1. Your forefathers, including your father had more opportunities to advance themselves economically than your foremothers. 2. Your father had more educational opportunities than your mother. 3. The boys in your extended family, including yourself had more financial resources, emotional support or encouragement for pursuing academic, work or career goals than the girls. 4. You live in or went to a school district where the textbooks and other classroom materials reflected men as normal, heroes and builders of the United States, and there was little mention of the contributions of women to our society. 5. You attend or attended a school where boys...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower


This website is full of resources for organizers, activists, students, journalists, or anyone trying to learn about creating positive social change.  The resources are broken up into section corresponding with the Building Blocks of Change, along with some others. Action Planning Resources: tools and resources for planning actions, including tactics, affinity groups, legal support, health, media, communications, direct action manuals, and training agendas Action Planning Template: a template for planning effective actions Anti-Oppression Resources: articles, exercises, tools, and links to trainers groups Campaign Planning: overview of how to plan a direct action campaign Campaign Planning Tools: a variety of power maps for strategizing Campaign Planning Worksheet: use this to plan out the phases of your campaign Corporate Research: tools...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

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