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Tools for Campaign Planning

Web Analysis is a tool to begin mapping your opponent’s world. Who do they care about? Who are they accountable to? What is the nature of the relationship? 1. Each Circle represents one of the players in your opponents world. • Workers • Management • Public • Customers • Competitors • Regulatory Agencies • Governmental Bodies • Legal Entities • Divisions • Media • ETC 2. Each Arrow represents a relationship. What can we bring into this relationship that is new? We need to look for opportunities to INTERUPT or INTERVENE or ADD NEW INFORMATION in that relationship. It might be A “carrot” (positive incentive) or a “stick” (negative incentive). 3. This can also be looked at as...

posted on: May 16, 2009 | author: organizingforpower

Campaign Planning Worksheet

What are the Shorter Term Achievable Goals 1) 2) more… What are the Longer Term Goals of the Campaign 1) 2) more… INVESTIGATE Goals: Get the facts, understand the nature and extent of the problem. How does it effect us/the community? Sort out participants own relation to the proble, and willingness to work on it Find out who has the power/to do what? What need to be investigated, researched? What information is Needed? 1) 2) 3) more… NEGOTIATE Goals: Help both sides understand each other Give opponent a clear, fair, documented and publizied opportunity to resolve the conflict;exhaust the establish channels for change. Possibly achieve resolution of the conflict. How will you negotiate? With who? 1) 2) 3)...

posted on: May 15, 2009 | author: organizingforpower