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What to Bring to An Action

In a Warm Climate: Wear Layers: – Pants with deep pockets – Long pants even in hot climates. – A tee shirt and long sleeved shirt for sun protection. – Sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets as needed. Appropriate colors, capes, patches, costumes, scarves, etc. – A sun hat!!! – Raingear may be necessary. (Have a second outfit for a second day of action, if tear gas is a possiblity.) Sturdy walking shoes, waterproof boots if rain is likely, if not, sneakers may help you move faster. – Sunscreen – water based, not oil-based as tear gas and pepper spray bond to oil. – A light daypack or waist pack for food, change of clothes, etc. – A money belt/waist...

posted on: Dec 2, 2008 | author: organizingforpower