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Coming Out of Jail Stronger

by Starhawk In the many times I’ve been to jail, here are some of the overwhelming responses I’ve noticed in myself and which you might be experiencing: Rage: Jail is simply the distilled form of the larger violence around us. Anger is a sane and healthy response, but you may find it deflected onto your friends and families instead of directed to the systems of oppression we’re fighting. Warn your friends and coworkers to tread gently and not order you around for a while. Be prepared for flashes of rage, and try to remember whom we’re really angry at. Self-Blame: You’ve been in a system designed on every level to make you feel bad, wrong, inadequate and powerless....

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

Jail Support & Solidarity

by Midnight Special and Katya Komisaruk Jail/court solidarity is the name for a variety of tactics we use to take care of each other while we’re in the legal system. Jail/court solidarity involves a combination of non-cooperation techniques and collective bargaining. Although jails and courts are designed to make us feel powerless, through solidarity we can gain better control over what happens to us, by making decisions as a group; by acting in unity with each other; and by committing ourselves to safeguard each other’s well being. Jail/court solidarity has been used effectively in the civil rights, peace, environmental, and other movements to protect activists who were arrested. Every time there’s a choice in the legal process, activists can...

posted on: Dec 2, 2012 | author: organizingforpower