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The Global Justice Movement

This page contains manuals, reports, pictures, and other artifacts from significant Global Justice mobilizations over the last 10 years.  To see my complete slideshow of pictures and stories from 1999-2003, click here (please allow time to load) Articles about the Global Justice Movement The Shock of Victory, by David Graeber Where Was the Color in Seattle? by Elizabeth Betita Martinez Lessons from a Summit Hopper, by Lisa Fithian, an open letter to the direct action community in advance of the Miami FTAA protests, reflecting on lessons learned from past mobilizations Explaining Globalization Neoliberalism in a Nut Shell, by Pamels Sparr Ten Ways Globalization Promotes Militarism World Trade Organization, Seattle, Washington, Nov 30, 1999 Mass Nonviolent Direct Action Handbook...

posted on: Jun 10, 2009 | author: organizingforpower