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Stop the Frack Attack

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Stop the Frack Attack

I have done lots of different creative tactics over the years, but this action offered a chance to do something new – we replicated an EARTHQUAKE to dramatize what is happening in Texas because of fracking!

In March, I lead an Organizing for Power Training at the Stop the Frack Attack Summit in Dallas Texas which culminated with an action at the State Capitol in Austin, TX on Monday while the Legislature was in session. In preparation of the event I was learning more about fracking in TX and how in Dallas they were literally fracking in public parks and schools. Areas with a lot of sand were being decimated by the greed for sand in the fracking process, just like the need for waters – millions of gallons needed to frack one well!  I looked in on a hearing dealing with fracking and the Senators were giddy with glee about the money being made. It was quite amazing to see how drunk they were on fracking.  The Conference was a great success and people, many of whom have been directly impacted by fracking, came ready to make their voices heard.

We had a strong, colorful rally and an unpermitted march around the Capitol and in the streets to the State Office Building where the Texas Railroad Commission office was located (they issue the permits for fracking in Texas).  It was a big building with big windows and a large outside area surrounding the front of it. We had all been prepped on what would happen and what we would do before we arrived. I then spoke about how fracking was creating earthquakes and on cue, a friend who had is pick-up truck with 4 giant speakers, power and a sound track hit play. KA-BOOM went the explosion of the fracking machines followed by the sounds of an earthquake rumbling roar for a minute and a half.  Everyone inside the building heard it and watched as we did the earthquake dance down below.  As I was stumbling around I looked over and saw a cop b-line for the truck.  He was yelling at my friend on the truck, who kept saying, “Can’t hear you?”  The cop finally reached in and yanked out the cords!   Our action had been successful already and we made our closing comments and headed back to the Capitol so some could go make legislative visits. Since then, the people of Dallas have stopped fracking in parks and schools!