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Some Key Organizing Concepts

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  • Create Crisis – it is the edge where change is possible, where opportunities emerge for our interests to become theirs.
  • Escalation – start within the experience of your supporters and opponents, take steps increasing in intensity and moving outside the experience of your opponent. Take a step at a time and see the impact. Once you are out of the box you cannot go back
  • Compression – Organize all your escalating activities toward a point of compression, where things become so pressurized the crisis erupts internally and the process of change is underway.
  • Credible Threat – we don’t always have to do what we say if our opponent knows we can do what we say.
  • Telegraphing – let them know what you plan to do in advance and give them the opportunity to correct the information first– i.e. Public health flier…
  • Blame the Opponent for everything you possibly can.
  • Mix it Up – Craziness / Reasonable, Good Cop / Bad Cop, Methodology to our madness
  • Surprise…go outside the experience of your opponents. keep them on moving ground, not knowing what will come next.
  • Eat Your Young – You have to take risks, Every threat is an opportunity, You may have to be willing to sacrifice what you have to get more
  • Unity, Fun, Discipline – people don’t want to struggle, but at times we must. Collective action or unity, spirit or fun and discipline are key cause they’re going to want to take us down.
  • Ignorance Often Works – excuse me, I didn’t know that was the code, are you sure?
  • Focused and Unfocused – sometimes we need a laser beam and sometime we just need to throw shit up against the wall…
  • Siege Mentality – If the opponent is too big, create a siege mentality. The closer you are to winning, the more support you will get. People move toward victory.
  • Militant Minority – can shift the balance of power, but if they go so far outside the experience of their allies and/or base they may not be able to consolidate that shift in power.