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Sample Affinity Group Meeting Agenda

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Pick a Facilitator

Intros –Name and why you think participating in this action is important

Introduction to the action – Who, what, when, where, how. Any Questions?

Reportback from Spokescouncil – what actions are already happening? What intersections/buildings are already taken?

Tactics go round – What tactics would you like to employ, is there anything you are not comfortable with?

Target – What target would you like to take on, using what tactics?

Resources – People, hardware, art, music, media, training. Brainstorm. Break it into things the affinity group can provide and things you might want to ask the working groups for help with, e.i. trainings or blockade tools.

Decide on some Affinity Group Roles – The starred roles are more important than the others: *direct support, *police liaison, media liaison, *medic, photographer, videographer, *comms (communicate with the other groups), *jail support, props coordinator.

Affinity Group Status – Do you want to have an open affinity group (anyone can join), invite only, or do you already have enough people? If its invite only, brainstorm possible invitees.

Cluster Status – Open/invite/closed. Any affinity groups you might want to cluster with?

Spoke – Pick a spoke for the next spokescouncil meeting

Next Meeting – Pick a time, date, and facilitator for your next affinity group meeting and/or cluster meeting