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This website is full of resources for organizers, activists, students, journalists, or anyone trying to learn about creating positive social change.  The resources are broken up into section corresponding with the Building Blocks of Change, along with some others.

Action Planning Resources: tools and resources for planning actions, including tactics, affinity groups, legal support, health, media, communications, direct action manuals, and training agendas

Action Planning Template: a template for planning effective actions

Anti-Oppression Resources: articles, exercises, tools, and links to trainers groups

Campaign Planning: overview of how to plan a direct action campaign

Campaign Planning Tools: a variety of power maps for strategizing

Campaign Planning Worksheet: use this to plan out the phases of your campaign

Corporate Research: tools and links for researching corporations, institutions, and other power-holders

Organizing Resources: tools and resources for organizing, group process, facilitation, consensus, and more

Organizing with Allies & Coalitions: Tools for working with your allies and building strong coalitions

Songs, Chants, Banners, Puppets, and more: resources for incorporating art and culture into your organizing, including song sheets and how-to guides on street media, giant puppets, and other action visuals and props

Spanish Language Resources: a limited (but growing) list of resources in Spanish

Strategy Resources: articles and resources on strategy, nonviolence, and building movements