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Rebecca Tarbotton, Presenté

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Rebecca Tarbotton, Presenté

I carry such sadness these days with the loss of Becky Tarbotton, an emerging, visionary, bold and charismatic leader serving as the Executive Director of the Rainforest Action Network.   These tragedies are hard to bear.  Why, how, it makes no sense.  Just a freak accident that leaves us all weighed down in sorrow.  I say “we” because Becky was core to a large extended community and family.

We will all find ways to carry on with her passionate vision, being inspired by her dedication to justice.   Becky was working hard to build bridges between movements.  She always kept focus on the root causes and honoring the wisdom of indigenous and other impacted communities in creating resistance and solutions to the oppression and exploitation they face.  Becky did not just fight, she also won.  Bringing some justice where there was none.   Goddess why did you take this woman from us?   Maybe to remind us just how precious each and every one of our lives is and how important it is to appreciate and care for one another as we carry on our work for justice.    This is what Becky would want….

To learn more about this amazing woman go to the Rebecca Tarbotten Tribute page.