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ESI Step Back!

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Spent most of this fall working outside of Philadelphia, PA in a small town called Bensalem working to save some good union jobs.  Express Scripts first announce it would close one plant and theatened the closure of a second.  ESI is a mail order pharmacy that has been growing and making millions.  But for the workers it was not looking pretty.   1000 workers faced layoff.  We had little leverage.  A small but might group of workers got together, organizing a worker center next door to their facility in order to fight.   We began to contact clients who we found on the internet through letters, calls and visits.  They organized worksite meetings, petitions and more.   The fight was growing and the company tried to buy them off with a last best and final offer jammed at the table.   The workers organzied and voted it down much to the shock of the employer….who days letter announce the closer of the second facility.  As our unfair labor charges started coming to fruition the company finally decided it was better to settle then go for all out war.  They recinded their order to close the second facility, they agreed to let workers stay in their healthplan  and those who lost their jobs got a great settlement package.