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Corporate Research

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Researching Corporations, Institutions, and Power-Holders

What strategies are used in Corporate Campaigns?

  • Capital Strategy – The institutions behavior is challenged through its ties with investors, lenders, and shareholder
  • Customer Strategy – Appealing to the customers or clients of the institution
  • Political Action Strategy – The legislative, political and electoral process is used to pressure the institution or decision-maker
  • Community/Public Strategy – Important elements of the community and opinion leaders support the campaign and threaten the institutions community support
  • International Strategy – Pressure is placed on the institutions international image, operations and markets
  • Competitor Strategy – Pressure on other institutions in the same industry is used to place pressure on the target employer
  • Suppliers Strategy – Scrutinizing ties with important suppliers and vendors
  • Regulatory Strategy – Assisting government agencies that enforce laws and regulate institutions to scrutinize the opponent