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What a Direct Action Campaign Can Do

What a DA Campaign can do 2 main ways DA works Key Concepts Point a Spotlight Raise public awareness about an institution, program or injustice. Bring hidden wrongs to light. Example: Campaigns against WTO, IMF/World Bank; genetically engineered foods. Delegitimize Organizations, Institutions and Programs Withdraw consent from the functioning of unjust bodies, laws, programs. Interfere with their operations. Raise their social costs Examples: U.S. Civil Rights Movement, antinuclear activism, etc. Build a Movement Provide opportunities for people to engage in action, experience solidarity and support, take greater risks, deepen commitment. Examples: almost any powerful action. Educate and Inform: Both those in the movement and those who hear of actions: Almost every good action. Strengthen Voices of Reform It...

posted on: Nov 29, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

Strategy & Campaigns

Strategy is your plan to win. Strategy is choosing the ground on which to engage the enemy Strategy means: Looking at the big picture Knowing who has the power to make the decision. Concentrating the right resources in the right place(s) at the right time(s) In Ancient Greece… Strategos = General Tacticas = Foot Soldiers Strategic campaigns are an important part of building a movement. They focus our energy on the forces that need to be changed, and can often result in some victory (big or small) or mitigation of damage. These efforts require participation and creativity. As we build power through campaigns, we model what can happen when we work together inspiring others and igniting imaginations that...

Strategy & Campaigns
posted on: Nov 26, 2012 | author: organizingforpower

Tools for Campaign Planning

Web Analysis is a tool to begin mapping your opponent’s world. Who do they care about? Who are they accountable to? What is the nature of the relationship? 1. Each Circle represents one of the players in your opponents world. • Workers • Management • Public • Customers • Competitors • Regulatory Agencies • Governmental Bodies • Legal Entities • Divisions • Media • ETC 2. Each Arrow represents a relationship. What can we bring into this relationship that is new? We need to look for opportunities to INTERUPT or INTERVENE or ADD NEW INFORMATION in that relationship. It might be A “carrot” (positive incentive) or a “stick” (negative incentive). 3. This can also be looked at as...

posted on: May 16, 2009 | author: organizingforpower

Campaign Planning Worksheet

What are the Shorter Term Achievable Goals 1) 2) more… What are the Longer Term Goals of the Campaign 1) 2) more… INVESTIGATE Goals: Get the facts, understand the nature and extent of the problem. How does it effect us/the community? Sort out participants own relation to the proble, and willingness to work on it Find out who has the power/to do what? What need to be investigated, researched? What information is Needed? 1) 2) 3) more… NEGOTIATE Goals: Help both sides understand each other Give opponent a clear, fair, documented and publizied opportunity to resolve the conflict;exhaust the establish channels for change. Possibly achieve resolution of the conflict. How will you negotiate? With who? 1) 2) 3)...

posted on: May 15, 2009 | author: organizingforpower

Campaign Planning

A Direct Action Campaign can Win concrete improvements in people’s lives. Make people aware of their own power (by winning victories). Alter the relationship of power between people, the government, and other institutions by building strong permanent organizations and relationships Phases of a Campaign Preparation: doing your research, analysis, dirt digging, escalation planning etc Launch: begin negotiations and making campaign and demands public Battle: engage a comprehensive campaign and protest tactics Settlement: winning your goals or getting better than your bottom line Steps in a Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign Each step continues through the duration of the campaign. For example we need to continue to research and education throughout. Each step builds/escalates to the next while setting up...

posted on: May 13, 2009 | author: organizingforpower