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Beautiful Trouble & We Are Many

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Beautiful Trouble & We Are Many

One of my biggest challenges and areas where I lack confidence is finally beginning to change – my ability to write about the work that I do!

I was published in two books this year: Beautiful Trouble and We Are Many. In Beautiful Trouble, I wrote a case study about the DC Justice for Janitors campaign and the art of escalation, as well as a piece on anti-oppressionWe Are Many is a compilation of pieces by about 50 different writers about the Occupy movement. My piece was based on a talk I gave at the Left Forum this year with Frances Fox Piven and Stephen Lerner.

The Left Forum talk was great, and I was honored to be with such brilliant trouble makers (though I don’t think we got this one on film). In my talk, I outlined the first few strategies while wearing one of my favorite t-shirts, with the words “STAY HUMAN.”  When we got to the action strategies I whipped off my shirt to reveal one of my other favorite t-shirts which reads “TROUBLE.”  That might sum it up – Stay human and make trouble!   Many thanks to Laurie Arbeiter and Sarah Wellington for keeping me so well messaged!

Many thanks to the crew from Beautiful Trouble and We Are Many for including me in your work!  Now if I can just keep writing…