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Appalachia Rising

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On Sept. 27, 2009 over 200o people march through the streets of Washington DC passed the EPA to the White House where over 120 people were arrested protesting mountain top removal.  This protest was the culmination of a weekend gathering called Voice From the Mountain.   Hundreds of coal field residents and their supporters,many young people, participated.   It was such a powerful, moving, informative, creative gathering.  Really well organized too!   An the action was fantastic, there was a roar in the streets as we marched.

At the White House, coal field residents, marching with the flag from their states, delivered their message to the White House and then joined with others on the sidewalk  risking arrest for the mountains.   After some incredible moments including calling Judy Bond, the mother of the movement to stop mountain top removal.  Judy was too sick to travel to DC for the action, so we linked her in by spirit and phone.  There were moments for tears and moments of dancing, as the banjos and fiddles filled the air!

One hundred and twenty of us went to jail that day that day.   Judy Bonds passed away on January 3, 2011 from cancer.   Just 10 days later the EPA made a historic ruling denying a major mountain top removal permit!

The organizing has continued with exciting plans for this new year including a March to Blair Mountain in June 2011.  Check out photos and more here – Appalachia Rising