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2013 – So far I am FREE!

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2013 – So far I am FREE!

YES – as of my most recent flights to Chicago to do trainings around school closings and then to NY where I facilitated an Action LAB for Occupy and another strategy session with youth on student debt and Sallie Mae – I was able to print out my boarding pass and fly free of security, searches and escorts.
For all of 2012 Homeland Security had me on their terrorist watch list. I could not print my boarding pass but had to go to the ticket agent who then had to go through a 45-60 min process on the phone with Homeland Security to get clearance for me to fly. I then had to be searched fully– 4 SSSS’s on my boarding pass! There were so many stories from being followed by security at some airports, to the manager of one of the ticket counters said – they told us you were coming, to being dog sniffed and then a blatant escort when I exposed the silliness of them following me!
There is no question in mind that this had to do with the Occupy movement and the fact that we were back on the offense against capitalism while modeling alternative ways of living and means of exchange. The absurdity of it all does not escape me. The truth is the US Government is not afraid of violence, in December it was revealed that in a collaboration between the FBI the police and the corporations they even considered assassination by sniper of people in the occupy movement. They easily embrace violence.
It is the ideas and practices of a radical democratic and economic alternatives rooted in peace with justice that they are afraid of.
I would like to think that they awoke to a new level of consciousness in 201, but really I think that Occupy is no longer on the offense. The occupy multitudes have been unleashed and things are brewing now for what I image can be another powerful year of transformative action! Let’s keep feeding that vision and the creative processes of building a new world!