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United Auto Workers Rise Up

On March 24th I had the privilege of addressing the 1000 member delegate assembly of the United Auto Workers at their Collective Bargaining Convention in Detroit.   I was given 45 minutes to share stories and lessons about the power of nonviolent direct action to win justice and change the course of history.   The UAW under the new leadership of Bob King, is looking to reclaim the powerful heritage of the UAW and is organizing to win new power for the workers in the auto industry.  I have had the pleasure of working with Bob and his team since the early 1990’s when Iwas in Detroit doing actions around Detroit Newspaper Strike  I’ve done many a training with his people over...

United Auto Workers Rise Up
posted on: Mar 30, 2011 | author: organizingforpower

Pledge of Resistance

In the 1980’s, the Central American Pledge of Resistance (POR) created a widespread coordinated horizontal movement that was successful in preventing an all-out U.S. war in Nicaragua and El Salvador.  Using affinity groups, spokes councils, and local, regional, and national coordination structures, this movement we believe is especially apt for this political moment and can support and amplify the work that occupy is doing. This model has been used a number of times, including the Iraq Pledge of Resistance at the beginning of the Iraq War, the Beyond Talk Climate Pledge of Resistance, and the newly launched Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance. (You can check out one of the original Pledge of Resistance Manuals here – You can...

posted on: Mar 9, 2011 | author: organizingforpower