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History of Affinity Groups

The idea of affinity groups comes out of the anarchist and workers movement that was created in the late 19th century and fought fascism in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Anarchist movement provides an exhilarating example of a movement, and the actual possibility of a society based on decentralized organization, direct democracy and the principles behind them. Small circles of good friends, called “tertulias” would meet at cafes to discuss ideas and plan actions. In 1888, a period of intense class conflict in Europe and of local insurrection and struggle in Spain, the Anarchist Organization of the Spanish Region made this traditional form (tertulias) the basis of its organization. Decades later, the Iberian Anarchist Federation,...

posted on: Dec 2, 2008 | author: organizingforpower

What to Bring to An Action

In a Warm Climate: Wear Layers: – Pants with deep pockets – Long pants even in hot climates. – A tee shirt and long sleeved shirt for sun protection. – Sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets as needed. Appropriate colors, capes, patches, costumes, scarves, etc. – A sun hat!!! – Raingear may be necessary. (Have a second outfit for a second day of action, if tear gas is a possiblity.) Sturdy walking shoes, waterproof boots if rain is likely, if not, sneakers may help you move faster. – Sunscreen – water based, not oil-based as tear gas and pepper spray bond to oil. – A light daypack or waist pack for food, change of clothes, etc. – A money belt/waist...

posted on: Dec 2, 2008 | author: organizingforpower

Solidarity in Practice

drafted in September 2001 in Washington DC; Revised 9/23/03 We are very different groups.  We are not necessarily immediate allies nor are we each other’s greatest enemy.   There are many things on which we do not agree.  But, we will be in the streets together during the FTAA  protests in Miami.   We know that the police and media are trying to divide us in order to crush our movements.  Solidarity is the way in which our diversity becomes our strength, we build our movements and we protect each others’ bodies, lives and rights. We believe we have some things in common.  We believe in basic human rights and the need to live with respect and dignity. We believe we...

posted on: Dec 2, 2008 | author: organizingforpower